Date 9-9-2020 Home learning video DD Girnaar

Video of Std. 1, Std. 2, Std. 12 is not available today on 9_9_2020 under Home Learning. Std. 3 is an environment subject today. Std. 4 is an environment subject. Std. The subject is Mathematics subject for standard 9 and standard 11

Students don't pay attention, not even their feedback.
 Teachers conduct studies through TV-online. In which a pro-communication takes place. Whether the children are studying, writing in a notebook, paying attention to what is being taught is not getting feedback.

 Dad has a smartphone, and it gets in trouble if he goes out.
 In many cases, the details have also surfaced that the house has only one smartphone. The father, who has the house's main responsibility, has a smartphone, but the children are deprived of studies at home while he is carrying the phone when he goes to work. There are also cases of having two children in the same household, and many people do not have smartphones and TVs available.

Date 9-9-2020 Home learning video DD Girnaar


 Since there is no TV at home, the children have to go to the neighborhood.
 The government's home learning concept has become a problem for poor children. Many poor students studying in the education committee do not even have a TV at home. It's their turn to go home to watch home learning on TV in the neighborhood. The committee is also asking such students to take photos of them studying on TV. So it has been found that children are sending photos to teachers from other people's mobiles.

 A mobile application will be developed for the virtual class.
 Home learning material has been printed on Thursday evening. It will be delivered by Monday. Teachers will personally deliver this material to the students and also check it every week. Which will provide information on how much the student has studied. Teachers also stay in touch with students daily. A mobile app will also be developed to launch a virtual classroom. There will also be recorded lectures by teachers. A household member who has a smartphone and has gone to work can also come home in the evening, and students can study from it.