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The present days of children who enter the school and leave the school midway through the middle will be the food coupon as per the calculation.

MDM coupon information

The Government of Gujarat has arranged MDM coupons for poor children to get free foodgrains in government schools. This scheme provides relief to poor children. This scheme provides foodgrains to poor children.

MDM file information

The features of the MDM file are in 7 points.

 1 same file for all party

 2 Exemption from downloading different file each time

 3 bowls of cereal will be open as per the present days of the children who have entered the school in the middle and have dropped out of the school in the middle.

 You will be able to create a bank form with 4 MDM coupons.

 No need to create 5 separate rolls

 6 Passwordless file

 7 All children's coupons can be printed very easily in a short time by following the instructions
MDM other information

To avoid the Corona crisis, the state government has taken a major decision to provide benefits of the mid-day meal scheme in the state, including schooling and summer break. Every enrolled child will get the benefit of both the amount and food grains in lieu of mid-day meal (MDM) for government primary and middle school children.

MDM coupon file

 According to Mid-Day Meal Scheme Director Kumar Ramanuj, under the Mid-Day Meal Scheme, every student from the first to the fifth of May, June, and July received 8 kg of food grains and Rs. 358 while 12 kg of food grains and Rs. 536 per student of classes six to eight. Will be given immediately. Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department RK Mahajan has instructed all District Officers, all District Education Officers, and all DPO MDMs in this regard.

MDM coupon file

The food grains will be given to the parents of the students, while the amount will be given by the School Education Committee through DBT in the account of the children or their parents. In view of the corona infection, no students will come to school, but their parents will come wearing food masks. The distribution of food grains will be done by determining the class-wise date in the schools. The day the children get the grain, the amount should go into their accounts.

MDM coupon file download


MDM coupon file

 MDM Director has said that due to coronation crisis, all government, semi-government of Bihar totaling 3 billion 78 crore 70 lakh 20 thousand 392, including the amount of food item equivalent and change value, from 14 March 2020 to 3 May 2020. , Has been sent from the DBT by the Directorate to the account of all the enrolled students or their parents of government-aided schools. In addition, 200 grams of Sudha milk powder have been distributed door-to-door to all the children enrolled in the five Sarai, Bochahan, Mushahari, Kanti, and Meenapur schools of AES-affected blocks in the Muzaffarpur district.