Microsoft Team all teacher ID and password



Main topic

Each group has created its own client ID and secret phrase for Microsoft educators

Microsoft works by Teachers

⭐ Microsoft team has generated its user ID and password for each teacher.

⭐ teachers who were logged in from their school or only from the user ID of their school or techno-savvy teachers can now log in using Microsoft team using their own user ID password

⭐ login process S will be as follows

(1) First download Microsoft teams Open Microsoft teams to teachers downloaded

(2) The teachers downloaded this app and opened the app, and left above

 (3) Now, you have to enter your SSA received teacher code and then enter your district name and some details. For example, 10136521
 To enter the above details, open teacher code has to be entered where the code is written
 After entering the above details, we have to enter the password, which is as under
 School @ 123
 After entering the password, you will have to create a new password
 Now you can take online lectures on the Microsoft team using your user ID and password.