SUBJECT- Maths, science, English and Hindi
A self-study book has been prepared by the Gujarat government in which self-study book has been prepared by great under the leadership of Gujarat government so that students can test their own knowledge. GCRT has created a textbook on Mathematics and Science for the children of Std. 4: 8. The aim of GCRT is to test the social skills of the children in the Gcert Study Book so that they can do it themselves. The study book has been created. Self-study means to study yourself. Self means study. Study means study. This has been created by GCRT for self-study.


The standard textbook of standard six seven eight contains mathematics science in which the students have to calculate the examples of mathematics at home. They have given an experiment in science. They have to read the answer from the book and write the answers in the textbook so that the students can do their homework. India Student speed increases. The student will put himself in the textbook so that the students have the speed to calculate the math examples. In this case, it is very necessary to take the guidance of the teachers. Under the guidance of the teacher, the student has to do this work.


In Std., 6 7 8 Maths and Science Swadhyay Pothi, the teacher has to guide the students. In which lesson, the teacher has to give complete guidance to the students on how to do self-study in the text book. The students will have to check it properly, and the teacher will have to guide them. If the students go to Gujarati in various science experiments, they will also have to give a good understanding of science experiments. They will have to do science experiments. For that, if the self-study book is provided by GCRT, then the teacher has to give complete guidance and understanding to the student to do this research work well.

Instruction for parents
Prepared by GCRT with Std. 6,7,8 Mathematics and Science textbooks.In which the student has to do maths examples as well as science quiz experiments. The parents will have to do the self-study by the students in the book of the chapter which the teacher will teach on the day. Parents should give adequate guidance to the students if they are self-studying or not. Parents should give adequate guidance to the students. Parents will have to work hard for more.


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