Schools are closed due to Corona. At a time when children are not going to school, the Government of Gujarat organizes loyalty training in which it is decided to train teachers. This training is called Integrity Training, in which a total of 15 models are given. One model is to be completed in two days. There are three in a week.

       This training starts on the 5th of October. This training has to be completed by 10th November. This training is the online time that has to be taken using the Diksha application.

       The main objective of the government is to educate the teachers about the 18 types of subjects offered in training.

  The training has to be done from 7.30 am to 10.30 am. Bisegec and homework will be done from 10:30 to school.

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Nishtha super preparing and itS advantage

                NISHTHA Teachers Training Program 2020 will be led for educators, school directors, SMCs, and state/region/block/bunch level functionaries, and the program will profit the grade school instruction through after ways: 


1.All the educators, administrators, block asset facilitators, group asset organizers working at the rudimentary stage will be secured for preparing on student-focused teaching method, learning results, improving social individual characteristics of youngsters, school-based appraisal, new activities, school wellbeing, and security and teaching methods of various subjects, and so forth 

2.Similarly all the employees of DIETs, SCERTs, IASEs. CTEs, and so on will be secured for preparing on student-centered instructional method, learning results, improving social individual characteristics of kids, school-based appraisal, new activities and teaching methods of various subjects, and so on 

Observing and Support: 

           A coordinated observing and backing instruments including BRCs, NGOs,  CRCs, NVs , KVs, and CBSE ALL schools will be set up at each stage to see whether the intercessions gave during the preparation program reach to study hall level. 

b. Secret weapon Person (KRP): Faculty individuals from SCERTs, DIETs, IASEs, CTEs and Teachers from Senior Secondary Schools recognized by the states/UTs for building their abilities by the National Resource Persons. 

Modalities of exchange of Nishtha super preparing program: 

             This program will be led in tweaked course mode, in which the National Resource Group of Experts will prepare Key Resource Persons (recognized by the state/UT for additional instructor preparing) and State Resource Persons (distinguished by the state/UT for additional preparation of school administrators and different functionaries). These KRPs and SRPs will straightforwardly prepare educators and school directors. Ace coach's layer will not be there in the middle. This will help in lessening the high level of correspondence misfortune which existed before because of numerous layers. 

The primary expected results from NISHTHA are: 

Improvement in learning results of the understudies. 

Production of an empowering and improving comprehensive homeroom climate 

Production of sound and safe school climate. 

Reconciliation of ICT in showing learning and appraisal. 

Creating a calm School-Based Assessment zeroed in on the improvement of learning abilities. 

Educators receive Activity Based Learning and move away from repetition, figuring out how to competency based learning. 

Educators and School heads become mindful of new activities in-school training. 

Change of the Heads of Schools into giving scholarly and authoritative administration to the schools for encouraging new activities. 

        HRD Minister Message on NISHTHA Teachers Training Program: Teacher has a significant spot in-school instruction. We recollect our educators with deference and appreciation. They have consistently been a wellspring of motivation for us. The Guru-Shishya convention of India has kept numerous such models before us, which rouse our educators and understudies even today. In the current situation, our desires from instructors have expanded exponentially. We need our educators to not just create in our understudies twenty-first-century aptitudes yet additionally advance in them the inspirational mentality towards social agreement and country building. We likewise anticipate from our educators to turn into a good example for the advancement of good and moral qualities in understudies and society