Essay on prohibition


Liquor, in the present date, this beverage has expanded its significance such a great amount of that for certain individuals it has gotten more significant than food and even water. Interestingly, on the off chance that a less taught individual checks such propensities, at that point it could be his mix-up, however, the thing can be said about the individuals who have accomplished extraordinary degrees and advanced education. 

In their life, alcohol becomes like nourishment for one time. Positively the utilization of liquor gives inebriation, and yet it likewise makes way for the decimation of character, development of neediness and passing. Hence, it is imperative to end these wicked propensities.

Today we are living in modern times, and if you do not keep up with this time, you will fall behind then whether it is in the field of education or job or its prestige or social status. Nowadays among the people in this society, whom we also call modern, there is a trend of some such habits which are spreading very rapidly among the people. One of them is the habit of drinking alcohol, which has already taken the youth in its grip, besides it is very popular among the elders.

 Whatever the occasion, whether a celebration, or a birthday, or a wedding, even some sort of union ceremony is incomplete without alcohol. The special thing is that if you are not included in this category, then you are seen with an inferiority complex. Moreover, you are completely alone, even in that group, which sometimes you feel embarrassing. Many people make it a part of their life as a hobby, while many people consider it a pleasure to consume.

 Prohibition is very important.

If seen today, humans are reducing age due to such wrong habits. You can consider this yourself, our earlier generations lived healthier lives for a long time, but today despite all the comforts, we are bent on reducing our age both naturally and unnaturally by choosing some bad habits. . There are no two opinions that alcohol is a deadly thing; its benefits are nothing but only and only disadvantages. Alcohol causes loss not only of man's body but also his money, family and happiness. When people see its ill effects or face it themselves, then often the sound of prohibition is loud, which is perfect. There should be prohibited because it is not beneficial from anywhere.

Alcohol: A Social Stigma

If you consume alcohol, then you are a wonderful person, and you will also see that the number of people living with you is always very high, on the other hand, if you keep away from alcohol, people will automatically distance you from them. Become It seems as if alcohol and its users have taken suzerainty in society.

The extent to which the consumption of alcohol can show its ill effects is not hidden from anyone, be it the society, the government or the person who is consuming it. But still, people are attracted to it and give it the most important in their lives. Alcohol not only destroys its users, but it is also known as a stigma in society because it causes many families to be devastated and how many lives are wasted. But despite this, the government does not take any concrete steps.

The extent is reached when, after being a little sensible, you come to know that the government itself does the liquor business. Yes, liquor is a big way for governments to raise revenue. You may be very surprised to hear that according to one figure, the total consumption of the country and foreign liquor is increasing at the rate of 117 per cent in villages and 234 per cent in cities. Have you ever seen the level of jobs or education rising at this rate? There is no doubt about the extent to which alcohol consumption holds us back and brings discord and sorrow in our lives.

The conclusion

It is not only the responsibility of the government but also of ourselves and this society that people should be motivated not to consume liquor, and more and more efforts should be made to insist on alcohol consumption. Because if anyone can bring about a change in this regard, it is we ourselves.

 Everyone should be a citizen or government should think seriously in this direction and take a concrete step. When everyone knows that the consumption of alcohol is not fruitful, and it only creates a situation of crime, problem and harm, then why should it be given a place in society. Certainly, concrete steps should be taken regarding prohibition at the national level as well.