Short and Long Essays Subject on Cyber Crime in Hindi


Cybercrime can be referred to as the illegal use of the Internet and computers. Computers are the means of crime or are used as a weapon for offence. These crimes have become a standard part of our daily lives. Every day, some person is falling victim to cybercrime. Many people use the Internet at the same time for different purposes; these hackers make their way to these opportunities.

 Different types of cybercrime

 Phishing: This involves sending spam emails or obtaining user personal information through a fake website.

 Identity theft: This involves obtaining information about credit or debit cards or bank details; after stealing information, unwanted money can be quickly withdrawn.

 Malware attack: Malware is illegal software designed to harm computers or systems. This is done to access mean information or to commit some crime using that system.

 ATM Cheating: In this crime, the ATM is wholly hacked. The criminals have developed a way of accessing both the data and PIN marked on the card, by which they can duplicate the card and use it to withdraw money.

 Cyber ​​Harassment - 

Criminals are also very active in chasing or harassing a person through online measures.  They damage the system by sending malware and are capable of obtaining accurate information.

 Pornography - The act of presenting videos of sexual activity through pornographic websites.

 Cheating - In this type of crime, you get an email that appears to have been sent from an authentic source, but it is not so, it is misleading.

 Piracy - This is an unauthorized way of accessing confidential information.  Many times government websites are hacked and pirated copies of important data of files are created, causing a lot of problems or destroying important data.

1st National Conference on National Crime Investigation and Crime Forensics

 Our nation India for the first time held a National Conference on National Crime Investigation held at the headquarters of CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) in New Delhi on September 4 and 5, 2019.

The main purpose of objective of this conference was to create a forum for investigators, forensic teams and other officials to discuss various methods and measures to tackle cyber related crimes.

Cybercrime awareness

Various safeguards must be followed to stay safe from the horrific acts of cybercrime.

Strong passwords must be used. Passwords should be complex, which is not possible to guess.

Antivirus programs (software) should be used to keep the system free from malware.

Constantly update the system.

Stay alert and keep yourself smart and active to avoid theft of your identity and important information.

Make your children aware of this Internet, so that they can be immediately aware of any abuse or harassment if they are going through such a situation.

Maintain privacy settings on social media.

Cyber ​​security

Cyber ​​security protects our systems, networks, devices, and programs from malicious software attacks.  Thus illegal access to data by criminals can be prevented.

Significance - Information about any important issues of the nation or any data that is meant to be used in person will cause many problems if shared.  So if security checks are put in place at multiple levels, then information and important data can be prevented from leaking.

Types of cyber security

Network Security - Prevents the network from being attacked by malware and therefore must always use a secure network.

Cloud Security - Tools are provided to protect data in cloud resources.

Information Security - Helps protect data from unauthorized or illegal access.

End-user security - The user must be alert while installing any external device, opening any mail or link in the system.

Application Security - Helps keep the system and software free from any threats.

The conclusion

Cybercrime is spreading its legs day by day.  The best way to stay safe from becoming a victim of its side effects is to follow safety measures.  There are several ways by which we can prevent our confidential information from being leaked.  However we should always focus on awareness, because 'prevention is better than cure', especially when treatment is not available.