Year 2020-21 Teacher transfer camp court case matter related Niyamak Sir Letest Circular 4/12/2020


Teacher transfer camp 


Teacher transfer camp court case matter related Niyamak Sir Letest Circular



              Given from the letter dated 12/11/2020. Under the guidelines, out of the legal disputes recorded at the District/Town Education Committee with respect to the slaughter camp, the accompanying activity is coordinated to be taken promptly in regard of the legal disputes in your region. 

    1. Name by your area legal counselor in regard of all legal disputes relating to your region. In all cases showing up in the High Court, you need to quickly document a sworn statement from your group and send a duplicate to this office. 

    2. The procedures of sworn statement of these cases must be finished by the following period just as in the following period 

    The public authority should be available for the safeguard by the promoter of your locale. 

    3. In the event of progress of camp in your area, there is a strategy matter/issue and affirmation is submitted..

    Teacher a guide:

      4, The officer will have to take care of himself to complete the seriousness of the court case in a timely manner.

    Given from the letter dated 12/11/2020. Under the instructions, out of the court cases filed at the District / Town Education Committee regarding the massacre camp, the following action is directed to be taken immediately in respect of the court cases in your district.

    1. Name by your district lawyer in respect of all court cases pertaining to your district. In all cases appearing in the High Court, you have to immediately file an affidavit from your class and send a copy to this office.

    2. The proceedings of affidavit of these cases have to be completed by the next period as well as in the next period

    The government will have to be present for the defense by the advocate of your district. 

    3. In case of change of camp in your district, there is a policy matter / issue and affidavit is submitted

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